Eudore Chevrier Memorial Trophy

Eudore Chevrier Memorial Trophy


In honor of Eudore Chevrier (1886-1982). Known as the Father of North American Springers, Eudore Chevrier lived in Winnipeg Manitoba and was founder of the renowned Avondale Kennels importing hundreds of Springers from Great Britain. He was in the forefront of forming the English Springer Spaniel Club of Canada (first Canadian Club) and the first Spaniel Field Trial in North America in September of 1922. Breeding thousands of Springers over forty years Eudore Chevrier was the founder of the modern era of Springer Spaniels in North America.


Presented to the winner of the Canadian National Spaniel Open All Age Field Trial Championship.

Past Winners

2020Coldwater’s Spark Will FlyTodd & Kathy Allen/Clay Earl
2019Nel’s Tip of the SwordJames Nelson/Gary Riddle
2018Courtman’s Rocky Delta IbisKevin Stewart/Alex Stewart
2017Southaven’s PathfinderClay Earl/Michael Pollock
2016Dawsonlee FaithfulJeff Miller
2015Sunrise Sally IIRick Walker/Gary Wilson
2014Dawsonlee FaithfulJeff Miller
2013Blackriver’s TannerJeff Miller
2012Spurvalley’s BushbusterGreg Royer
2011Lady CaramelTanya McCaffrey/Bill McCaffrey
2010Warrener’s Wilson’s PloverAlan & Sue Wilson/Paul McGagh
2009Prairie Meadows Rise ‘N ShoutCraig Foss/Marty Knibbs
2008Cedar Boughs SlipshotBill Willett/Marty Knibbs
2007O’Gallaher’s BrygRobert Montler/Marty Knibbs
2006Gre-Shar Big Boss ManGreg Mitchell
2005Warrener’s California Quail StormPaul McGagh
2004Rolling Oaks Sumday BudHarold & Heather Wiltse/Harold Wiltse
2003Samantha’s Royal FlushLea Ames/Ben Martin
2002Sunrise Texas TornadoHugh Davidson/Marty Knibbs
2001Gre-Shar Cruise ControlJack Williams & Chris Barriage/
John Mitchell
2000Parker Sir RobertsDoug and Malinda Roberts/Dan Langhans
1999Brandy’s Big BenLea Ames/Ben Martin
1998Birdrowe Fury of WebbswoodDavid McCurdy/John Mitchell
1997Blackriver’s KenoJeff Miller
1996Cee Gem’s ChampagneEd Spooner
1995Denalisunflos TisaR.E.French/Gary Wilson
1994Pel Tan RolyJeff Miller
1993Black PowderDan Campbell/Marty Knibbs
1992Pel Tan RolyJeff Miller
1991Northern Thunders RupertRoger Dolliff/Dan Langhans
1990Windmillwood StormEwen MacMillan/Terry Pellow
1989Winnimacs WidgeonEd Anderson/Dan Langhans
1988Sherwood’s Ace In The HoleEwen MacMillan
1987Whitlocks WarriorTerry Pellow
1986Royal’s Best MaggieFred St.Clair/Ben Martin
1985Patchwood’s TrapperRichard Lane/Dick Vermazen
1984Whisperpine’s StarterBlaine Mooney
1983Canvassback MikeDouglas Day